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New Home buying and adding a shed to the property

Many of our customers are new home buyers that need additional storage. I have noticed a trend in the real estate industry that sometimes can be problematic when purchasing a new shed. Many people buying new homes are not paying … Read More

Are sheds affected by impervious surface limitations?

I am sure many of you have seen the news article on the homeowner in Raleigh that purchased a home and when he went to sell it he found out it was over his 30% impervious surface limit. This poor … Read More

Amish Sheds

I have noticed as I drive around the Triangle an influx of Amish built sheds sitting along side the road. ¬†When most people think of an Amish built shed they think of an Amish carpenter hand crafting this shed and … Read More

Carolina Yard Barns Celebrates its 10th year!

Happy 10th Year Anniversary to Raleigh Shed Company Carolina Yard Barns I get asked on a regular basis what sets us apart from some other shed companies and I always answer with the construction features that set us apart from … Read More